What We Do

We Listen. We Brainstorm. We Deliver.

We help businesses grow. Our forte is to understand your business in depth, analyze your processes and create a customized solution that empowers your business in ways you never thought were possible.

From basic web design to cutting-edge business applications and dedicated support, we undertake all kinds of software development like web applications, desktop applications, automated interfaces, mobile solutions, content management systems etc.

Using well-defined standards and frameworks, our engineers deliver secure, robust, scalable and extremely efficient solutions using the latest .Net technologies. Careful requirement analysis, thorough brainstorming at every stage of development, rigorous testing and exceptional post-deployment support ensures that you get a solution that is one of its kind.


Our expertise in developing a wide range of solutions for diverse business needs together with strong pedigree in the maritime & transportation sector has enabled us to create cutting-edge applications. Below are some of the products and custom applications we have developed over the years:


Bitmetric has made a foray into the logistics domain with a highly advanced, web-based consignment tracking system. TrakIT is a class apart from other tracking products. It's suave and simple to use. As our flagship logistics product, it is being used extensively in the global market by some of the leading logistics companies in the world. TrakIT can be customized further as per specific needs. For the product overview see http://trakit.in.

Key Account Management

Key Account Management system enables companies to track and maintain relations with their key clients on a monthly basis. Various parameters can be tracked and status flags can be raised on issues that require management attention. The application sends out up to date end-of-month reports to senior managers and account sponsors.

Solution Library

Solution Library is an advanced web-based document management system with multiple libraries and user-definable metrics associated with each library or document. This application includes intelligent search capabilities using multiple parameter selections and free text searches.

IMO Collision Regulations

Bitmetric's first Android application, this comprehensive, searchable and accurate reference provides a handy guide to sea-going folks such as naval officers, sailors and cadets. It is available for free at Google Play.

Space Dashboard

Space Dashboard is a space montoring application for container trade lanes and supply/demand bookings updated globally on a weekly basis. It can handle cross joins of hierarchical origin and destination trees as well as provide summaries at higher levels. Trends of developing spaces and/or shortage can be detected well in advance.

Engine Component Tracker (ECT)

Engine Component Tracker was developed as a standalone marine engine component tracking system for one of the largest shipping companies in the world. ECT was deployed to all merchant vessels in the company including supply vessels. It is a detailed and customizable running hour tracker for a vessel’s main and auxiliary engines and associated internal components. Merchant officers and engineers on-board can customize the system by adding or removing engine components and sub-components as required.


NavMaster is a windows-based stand-alone navigation and route planning application for use on-board merchant ships by watch-keeping officers and navigators. The application accepts NMEA-0183 data from a GPS (Global Positioning System) unit via a serial port to provide real-time monitoring of a vessel’s route through the sea. The following are some of the features of NavMaster:

  • Graphical plotter display – Zoom-able to various preset ranges
  • Standard alarms (Waypoint arrival, cross-track error, anchor watch, GPS signal failure, etc.)
  • Navigational calculators - Composite great circle sailing, automatic azimuth/sight calculation with a graphical planisphere sky view
  • Passage planning and monitoring
  • Waypoints and route planning


Vector is a highly scalable, flexible and balanced scorecard and business metrics web application for especially large organisations (10,000+ employees). Developed with the latest ASP.Net and Ajax functionality, it is capable of handling complex organizational hierarchies, performance metrics, scorecarding needs, trend analysis and business performance analysis. Several management level and operational level reports are available.

Vetting and Inspection Management System (VIMS)

VIMS was developed to provide a complete and comprehensive in-house vetting and inspection management for a leading Tanker company as an extension to it's own business-wide central application. It includes the following:

  • Fully customizable hierarchal inspection models include OCIMF SIRE, CDI and their various editions including guidance notes, custom notes, standard replies and requirement criteria
  • Support for any external inspections such as ISM audits, Port State Control, USCG Inspections, Terminal safety inspections, etc.
  • Support for internal inspections and ISM Audits
  • Numerous reports including statistics and benchmarking of inspections, profit centers, inspection models, vessels, vessel groups etc.
  • Inspection expense reports and statistics
  • Internal inspection/audit planning and inspector utilization reports
  • Extensive searching capability and trend analysis
  • VIMS Mobile Client – Creation of inspections by vessels & inspectors directly and transferred to or from the VIMS Office system automatically
  • Complete history and tracking of observations, non-conformities and defects, rejections of vessels and closing out of observations

Tramper Performance Reporting (T-Perf)

Tramper Performance Reporting System was developed for one of the world's leading tanker companies. It is an automated vessel speed and consumption reporting system for tankers. Daily reports sent from vessels are automatically received and processed to create the vessel’s voyages in a voyage database. Vessel operators are alerted in case of non-conformance of the performance of a vessel when compared against its warranted performance as per the Charter Party. Performance of a vessel or a group of vessels can be viewed or calculated based on a number of criteria and selections. Numerous reports as well as graphical analysis of performance data and comparison of vessels are available.

  • Automatic vessel report processing (including third party vessels)
  • Vessel client software to create daily reports and messages
  • Performance alerts to vessel operators
  • Speed and consumption analysis of vessels / voyages
  • Bunker / Time charter calculations
  • Vessel / Voyage comparison based on selectable criteria
  • Bunker / Time claim calculations
  • Vessel position plotting on Google Maps

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